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To the editor:

New Jerseyans finally saw our elected officials cast their first votes on a statewide bill that would legalize cannabis in November 2018. While seeing lawmakers in both chambers advance legislation out of committee for a full floor vote was an important milestone, the legislation is still missing some important provisions that put social and racial justice at the forefront.

 I stand with the New Jersey United for Marijuana Reform coalition’s call for the final bill to include the following:

  • Expungements of prior cannabis arrests and convictions

  • A meaningful equity program for residents living in communities harmed by the drug war to access the new industry

  • Reinvestment of new tax dollars in communities harmed by the drug war

  • Home-grow provisions for personal use

We have lived with the harms of unjust prohibition for too long, but there’s an end in sight. Legalization is coming to New Jersey in 2019 – let’s make sure we do it right. Beyond ending prohibition, we must counteract the harmful racial disparities prohibition has reinforced.

Thank you,



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