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As legislation progresses to legalize, tax and regulate marijuana sales and use for adults in New Jersey, we have to ensure that legalization benefits New Jersey residents, not just out of state businesses, and that we see new investments in underserved neighborhoods.

I call on our legislators to include the following in the final law:

  • Reinvestment in communities hit hardest by the inequalities built into marijuana enforcement
  • Legalization of home-grown marijuana for individuals
  • Automatic expungement of arrests for those convicted of marijuana possession
  • Low barriers to owning a marijuana business or working in the legal marijuana market 
  • Caps on licensing fees to sell marijuana within the regulated system

Legalization should benefit our citizens. We expect to not only gain additional freedoms, but also to support local businesses, small farmers, and entrepreneurs in this growing industry. We expect the communities that have suffered unequally from criminalization to benefit from legalization.  

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