Media Endorsements

The Star Ledger

"Time to legalize marijuana"

Times of Trenton

"As legalization would bring in much-needed revenue for New Jersey, it would end the senseless expenditure of time and money on fighting pot use when those law enforcement resources could be devoted to battling real problems and real criminals."

New York Times

“It has been more than 40 years since Congress passed the current ban on marijuana, inflicting great harm on society just to prohibit a substance far less dangerous than alcohol. The federal government should repeal the ban on marijuana.”

The Daily Targum

"We think it’s about time New Jersey takes steps toward legalization to set an example of a state that has a more moderate stance and culture regarding marijuana use. By opening up the discussion about weed and encouraging appropriate forms of regulation for it, we’re confident that New Jersey will find a middle ground and safe ways to compromise on marijuana use."

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