Marijuana Reform Advocates Remain Committed to Legalization After Vote Pulled

March 25, 2019

After New Jersey lawmakers withdrew the marijuana legalization bill from a vote today, New Jersey United for Marijuana Reform (NJUMR) – the Garden State’s leading marijuana legalization advocacy coalition, including leaders and organizations in the civil rights, law enforcement, and medical communities – issued the following statement:

“Though we share in the disappointment we know many feel today by the lack of a vote, we remain committed to ensuring that New Jersey will in fact legalize marijuana, and that the new law will be centered around racial and social justice. And we are energized not only by how close we just came to changing the law, but by the meaningful progress that has been made in drafting legislation that takes concrete steps toward repairing the harms done to individuals and communities by marijuana prohibition.

“The fact that the unjust laws we have been working to change remain in effect makes us even more determined to get this done. We will continue advocating for change, so that all New Jerseyans – especially people of color – can use marijuana without fear of an arrest and all that comes with it.”

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