Public Safety

One of NJUMR’s top priorities is strengthening public safety. Regulation of marijuana will enhance public safety by striking a blow to the illegal drug market and will free up New Jersey law enforcement resources to focus on serious crime.

Members of New Jersey’s law enforcement community dedicate their lives to keeping our communities safe and secure, but many who sponsor this campaign, like the Secretary of the New Jersey Municipal Prosecutors Association, and Law Enforcement Action Partnership (LEAP), agree that prohibition in New Jersey has failed to work.

Here is how our communities will become safer:

  1. Lawmakers, together with the state’s Attorney General’s office, will create regulations for production, taxation, and sale that will effectively undercut the illegal market.

  2. With a regulated marketplace, law enforcement resources will be redirected to fighting serious crime across our state and increasing investment in important services that build safe communities: public education, health care, and substance abuse prevention. In 2010, New Jersey spent over an estimated $127 million in police, courts, and jails costs on enforcing our state’s marijuana laws. We can do better.

  3. Driving under the influence of marijuana will remain illegal in New Jersey. Impaired or distracted driving of any kind—whether alcohol, prescription drugs, texting, or marijuana—is dangerous. Regulating marijuana does nothing to change that.

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