Protecting Young People

If we legalize adult marijuana use, what will the consequences be for our kids?

Right now it’s clear that marijuana is far too easy for minors to obtain. The status quo has failed and we must prioritize keeping marijuana out of the hands of young people.

It’s time to take marijuana off our street corners and out of our school hallways and into a controlled, regulated system that works for New Jersey.

NJUMR is committed to protecting our youth:

  • Separation of marijuana from the unregulated market: Street marijuana dealers do not risk losing a business license if they sell to youth, sell adulterated marijuana, or offer other, “harder” drugs to kids. It’s time to try putting them out of business.

  • Greater investment in evidence-based prevention strategies: Experts have developed effective, evidence-based methods for preventing teens from using cigarettes. Cigarette use among high school students is at its lowest point in history, with 16% of high school students identifying as smokers in 2013 compared in to 36.4% in 1997.

    We know that successful treatment methods are out there for preventing teens from using marijuana, but insufficient funding has prevented access to these services. Taxing adult marijuana sales will provide millions of dollars to multiply innovative, impactful New Jersey youth drug prevention efforts.

  • Youth Restrictions: New Jersey has learned lessons from Colorado and Washington. New Jersey law should include tight controls on marijuana marketing, child-resistant packaging, and restricted access to retail stores to prevent young people from accessing the regulated marketplace.

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