What Regulation Looks Like

QuestionAfter: RegulatedNow: Unregulated
Who can legally buy marijuana? Only adults 21 and over. No one.
Where can you buy it? New Jersey licensed stores. Street corners, parks and playgrounds.
Who gets the money? Communities, schools, and drug addiction, treatment and prevention programs. Drug dealers and the illegal market.
Who regulates marijuana? The State of New Jersey with sensible rules and regulations. No one.
How do we know what’s in marijuana? A tested, labeled product in a safe container with clear indication of strength, and appropriate warnings on it. We don't.
How many people are arrested for marijuana possession? Adults over the age of 21 can legally possess one ounce of marijuana. New Jersey makes nearly 32,000 marijuana arrests per year for simple marijuana possession.
What happens if you drive under the influence of marijuana? You are arrested. You are arrested.
How will this impact drug prevention programs for youth? Funded through marijuana tax revenue. Woefully underfunded.
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